related to Chapter 7 – Book “Mindfulness – a practical guide”
You want to use your body to bring you into the present moment.
Start any mindfulness practice or meditation, by bringing your awareness to your feet on the ground, your hands on your thighs and your buttocks on the chair.
This focused awareness on the body brings you very quicky into the NOW

Body stores emotions in muscles, deep tissue and structure.

While we move through our day, our body is constantly registering and reacting to all our experiences.The body becomes a kind of an armor for us. It resists, protects and braces us against fear and stress.
Most important:
We are often not aware when our shoulders are up to our ears or the lower back muscles are contracting again for example,  when our demanding boss approaches us. Many other body parts like solar plexus, neck, thighs even hands and more store emotional energies. Nowadays, there are sophisticated body therapist, who not only detect tight muscles but can relate this tightness in specific body parts to specific habitual thinking and emotional programs.

In mindfulness practice, we can learn to feel and listen to our body

The mindfulness practice of the BODY SCAN trains us to do just this. It is described in Ch. 7. In addition, there are many guided meditations for body scans offered in the internet.