One of Anita’s strongest messages is to stay true to yourself. Follow your joy. Life doesn’t have to be hard. There is no judging, condemning god because in truth we are all from the one source of love and connectedness. How each of us pursue and express that is up to our own interests and desires and all is perfect. She shared that there is no belief system , dogma, religion more right than any other. It is all about what feels positive, wholesome and happy for you. Some find the peace and connectedness through the surrender of prayer, others through meditation and walks in nature or music. However, it is found is perfect. The key is to look inward for the joy and peace. It is only through doing this, that the outward world events become easy to manage. As things in our external world fall away, change or emerge , it is in fact our internal compass that helps up navigate them peacefully. Our internal compass is our self-talk, how kind and caring we are to ourselves. Do you say to yourself, you love yourself ? Or are you hoping to find the reflection of that love externally?

Marianne Love