Did you know there are mystical, almost magical, waves of your future? I am referring to your Brain Waves.  If you are like me, you probably don’t think about your brain waves very much, in fact, probably not at all.  But as we move through the book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and we reach Chapter 8, we find out about the mystical, magical brain waves.

Brain waves change as we grow, moving from slow to fast as we age.  From the slow state of Delta, as a baby until 2 years, when we mainly sleep, and our mind is in the subconscious taking in everything from the outside world.  To Theta, from 2 years to about 6 years, when they speed up a bit, but we live in the abstract and the realm of imagination and we accept what we are told, and what we are told goes into the subconscious mind.  Next is Alpha where the waves speed up more, between 5 and 8 years, when our analytical mind, our conscious mind, begins to develop and we live in both the inner imaginal world and analytical outer world at the same time.  Then on to the development of higher frequency Beta, from 8 to 12 years, when we move into conscious, analytical thinking and the door to the subconscious closes.

And as adults, we spend our conscious waking hours moving in and out of the three levels of Beta, from lower Beta where we have relaxed and interested attention, to mid-range Beta where we have focused attention like in learning and analyzing, and finally to high-range Beta when we are challenged by stressful situations, and we naturally take on fight or flight reactions which are meant to last for short periods of time.

Unfortunately, too many adults live in the high-range Beta most of the time and the stress wears on the body, the heart, digestive system, and mind.  It sends the brain into disorder where we become reactive, anxious, angry, depressed, and so on, and we can’t think straight or create.

What is magical and mystical is that we can learn how to consciously move our brain waves from high-range Beta through the other levels of Beta, back into Alpha and Theta and the subconscious, where we can release the old stories from childhood, and play in the imaginal realm, dream, create, relax, and have fun.  We can learn to have coherent brain waves and laser focus, and even move into the deep sleep of Delta.  We can connect with the waves of our future by consciously changing our brain waves.  We do this by using meditation, a practice that slows the brain waves and settles the body.

So, as we move next in the book to “Stepping Toward Your New Destiny”, we learn how to meditate, how to consciously shift our brain waves and shift into a new life.  It is truly magical!  Meditation has worked for me, and I invite you to learn this amazing practice with Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and join us on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network to listen to the discussion of how to play with our magical, mystical waves of the future.


Co-Host – Tryna Cooper