Related to pages 109, 110 in the book INSIDE THE EARTH
Dr. Xien shares here that many have a special affinity to the Inner Earth and their dream like experiences about the inner earth never happened by chance. Often the memories are blurred when they return or they simply cannot comprehend what they experience.

With a quick research, myself, I came across many reports and books claiming a Hollow Earth with civilizations, oceans and vegetation INSIDE THE EARTH. They have been able to download information from a higher level of consciousness. Yet, these stories are put away as science fiction. As Dr. Xien points out, many souls have been going there while dreaming or moving to the astral plane of existence, which then led them into the Inner Earth.

These tales are completely out of the range of understanding by conventional science. With their seismic waves and geo physical investigations, the case is closed: the earth at its core consists of iron crystals and temperatures close to the sun, creating the electromagnetic dynamo of the Earth, they say.
However, the reports in the book INSIDE THE EARTH tell a different tale!

Join us at as Grandmother PaRisHa and her co-host team are now discussing the reports by the author, who encounters representatives of a civilization living inside Earth.
Rosemarie Heyer, co-host