A feeling puts energy and motion into an idea. Say we have a thought, a new idea, or a desire and we have an elevated feeling about it.  Then we begin to move to create.  We get excited and things begin to happen.  Or say we sense heat, we feel we have to move.  Or we have an intuitive hit and it make the hair on the back of our neck stand up.  We feel we are in danger and we begin to move.

The third chapter of our new book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, is “The Wave of Feeling.  The author writes about how sometimes we are overwhelmed with a feeling.  It rushes over us sometimes like a wave.  Everything alive has feelings.  They assist us in survival and in creation.  But think about it, the feel comes from inside of us, whether it is love, fear or excitement.  What is inside of us makes us move!  This is our inner alchemy, taking a thought, intuition, sensation, or feeling and creating something, some movement from it.  Something to ponder, isn’t it.

What makes you feel?  What makes you move?  What makes you create?  And what brings you joy and a sense of accomplishment?  Come explore these question with us on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network. https://www.loaradionetwork.com/quantum-leap.  Or get the book and explore yourself, or find some of the answers to these questions for yourself.  The better we understand ourselves, the more we can do to assist in our world.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay