Dr. Demartini addresses in Chapter 4 of his book “The Gratitude Effect” how much the success of a company depends on the satisfaction of the employee. This is nothing new. We all heard about companies in Silicon Valley that have structured their office spaces in such a way that it looks more like a leisure park for fun and relaxation. Dr. Demartini’s approach goes deeper.

Gratitude is the Soul of the company

It is important to experience gratitude and appreciation inside your business by all involved, management, workers, customers. Appreciation and gratitude for all parts of a company makes a business soar. It is key for the management/business owner knows the priorities, highest values of his employees, which they have for their Life. Another is to adapt the language accordingly including the written objectives and mission statements of the company. The same goes for the customer and all who are involved in the company. Before you develop a product and approach your sales department, one needs to be aware of the highest values of the target group. As a business owner you will need to be an excellent listener and ask the right question.

“It is not what you do – it’s how you perceive it.” Dr. John Martini

Helping the employees and ourselves as business owner to change perceptions is key.

An employee can change his/her perception about the work by answering qualified questions. Those are linking the perceived current situation with what is most important values. Qualified questions could be for example:  Which customer did I enjoy serving today?  What did I love doing today? These questions lead to your values/priorities in Life: What you like, what makes you feel inspired, thankful at the workplace or in your own business.

To find things to be grateful, could mean that you need to keep writing 20 and more grateful things/benefits about your workday. Soon you will raise the energy and feel gratitude and appreciation for the situation. Again, it is about energies (perceptions) which have an impact on the vibration of your workplace or business. The vibration changes to one of appreciation, seeping thru all the company entails: the product/services, the effective communication, the customer relations etc.

If you feel that that what you do is aligned with your highest priority in Life, you can experience gratitude and the Gratitude Effect takes place. The perception of Gratitude transforms a situation into balance, oneness and connects to the divine order of All.

By Rosemarie Heyer, co-host

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