What is an OBE? What is an NDE?  An OBE is short for an out-of-body experience, and a NDE is short for a near death experience.  Thousands, if not millions, have experienced one or both of these. Chapter 8 in the book The Holograph Universe by Michael Talbot covers the idea of OBE’s and NDE’s from the perspective of the Holographic Universe Theory.

From one perspective, maybe these experiences are only holographic projections of the mind in an altered or dying state.  Certainly, many scientists think of near-death experiences at hallucinations of the brain while it is in a dying state.  Also, some people do seem to have out-of-body experiences when they are in an altered state from drugs or states of higher consciousness.

Let’s flip this around a bit as we look at the idea that our physical experience is really a projection from another state of being.  In many scientific studies on OBE’s and NDE’s, reports from the experiencers show very similar experiences.  For example, many OBE experiencers report being out of the body, being able to fly, viewing different places, and hearing conversations.  NDE experiencers report going into a light, walking a path, being above their body while someone is resuscitating the body, meeting loved ones or guides, and so many more common experiences.  Have you ever pondered the idea that these other states are more of the reality, and that our consciousness is projected or connected to a material/physical looking hologram that appears to be be real in the more material/physical world.  It is a bit of a mind-blowing concept.  However, so many report similar experiences, it seems that it could be a viable theory. I have been close to both types of experiences in this lifetime, both with myself and with loved ones, and I ponder what happened.  And there is so much evidence of life after death throughout the world, it makes me wonder what exactly this physical experience is and why I am having it, and where did I come from.  A greater existence I believe.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by kalhh from Pixabay