A recent discussion on Quantum Leap Book Club with the book “The Holographic Universe” was focused on the chapter “The Cosmos as Hologram”.  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has often reminded us that what is minuscule in size is reflected magnified in the universe and vice versa. An interesting example is every one of our trillions of body cells is a replicate of total Being. 

 This chapter covers some very intriguing information. There is a major tendency for the human mind to ignore the interconnectedness of all things. In fact, we at times stubbornly hold on to what we believe is true. Scientists make a major contribution to the world but do in fact at times also hold stubbornly to their beliefs even in spite of more accurate information being available to them.  

Do we have “ears to hear”?  This question is relevant in day to day interaction with others as well as the bigger picture that science plays in our lives. This chapter introduces the information that we, humans,  are the same “things”. We exist as part of the undivided whole and each with our uniques qualities. Our interconnectedness involves everything being a seamless extension of everything else. We exist as a wholeness and a unity. 

With my participation and strong interest in the medical field, I have often recognized the ineffective results when one part of the body is isolated from the rest in the medical treatment given. Recent medical approaches such as Functional Medicine , Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy approach the body as a unit and thus the treatment results are very effective. 

A descriptive word used in this chapter is the word METTLE. This refers to a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties and to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. In the book “The Holographic Universe” the author Michael Talbot uses Bohm as an example of a person with  METTLE. Bohm did not let the false soothsayers stop him from his explorations to find the truth. I find this word an inspiring virtue to aim for in life whatever your exploration may be.  

Cohost Joyce Mollenhauer