As I continue to explore this concept of myself as a spiritual warrior ,I realize that as we journey into the concepts and information that is presented in this book, The Holographic Universe ,it is challenging all the “known ‘ beliefs about reality and the world as I used to see it. It’s like that rubber band that is stretching and at times feels like it is going to snap. Well that is exactly what the author is challenging us to do in this book. So I find that a certain amount of discipline is required in this endeavor because it challenges my view of reality.

A soldier has discipline to follow orders and continues on when faced with challenges. The Spiritual Warrior’s discipline  is to continue on with their path when faced with challenges from their mind, and my mind has certainly been challenged with this book. It is easier to follow orders as a soldier, because we are threatened with consequences if we don’t and rewarded in order to motivate us to go on. This is in line with our years of conditioning.  We have been conditioned to believe that the world is a certain way. Sort of like in history when it was believed the world was flat until Columbus had the courage to prove that it was not.

A spiritual warrior must have the discipline and  practice to deal with their own mind without someone else providing the motivation with carrots or sticks. A warrior must exercise their own will at the command of their heart, not an outside authority figure. This often means going against the fearful opinions in our mind that tempt us with illusions of punishment and rewards. We must also have the discipline to follow our own heart even when tempted by another person’s opinion. This way of living requires disciplined practice. So I encourage you to be disciplined as we go through this journey together and challenge yourself in this wonderful journey called life and the Holographic Universe we live in.

Maria Jacques