As we have heard, many senior government officials do not believe the reality within the Earth.
They do not understand the ultra-secret reports they get to see for two reasons:

  1. Lack of conceptual training;
  2. Habit of relying too much on advanced technologies and actions specific to the physical plane.

Radu says that all of the money and effort that is expended does not guarantee a correct understanding of the situation. Basically, it doesn’t matter how much energy you expend on finding the answer, you’ll never succeed if you’re looking in the wrong place.

He summarizes the situation very concisely when he says that “military chiefs and Earth’s leaders are tributaries of the mental habits and education system in which they live”.

In other words, the people who make decisions for us as a country, and the military leaders who are charged with defending our way of life and who wield enormous physical power, are themselves the product of a system that is embarrassingly limited in perspective.
There is also the serious matter of interference from the government.

Let’s face it, it is difficult to combine the reality of subtle higher dimensions with the everyday concrete reality of government. Low vibrational frequency ideas & activities like conquering new territories, controlling the population, allocating resources, political and military intrigues, etc… do not mix well with the reality of subtle higher dimensions and worlds.

As a result, Earth’s leaders do not understand almost anything about the phenomenon that occurs when the Inner Earth is penetrated, and that’s why they don’s have access there!

At such a intense level of collaboration between civilizations, problems can only be solved if there is a qualitative leap in consciousness.
The old way of thinking and acting, with divisions of territories and geo-strategic influences among the world’s leaders, is not only awkward in such a case, but also completely ineffective.

This is what Cezar has been dedicated to since the death of General Obadea.