In our studies with Quantum Leap Book Club, we are currently studying Chapter 8 of the book, “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. The title of Chapter 8 is “From Possibility to Persona and Soul”.

Dr. Wolf discusses “possibility” related to the two opposite experiences of living as a “persona” (defined by the dictionary as a “fictional character opposed to true self”) and a “soul” (the spiritual essence of a person that survives physical death).  He writes in depth about our awareness of the level we are living as. Obviously, these are two opposing experiences.

Dr. Wolf outlines the contrasts of “out there” and “in here” life experiences. He describes the web we get caught in when our focus is totally on our individual life story. When our perception is based “out there”, we become self-absorbed and see ourselves as material and alone – suffering in the victim role. In contrast when our perception is based “in here” as part of the totality of human experience, we live in awareness as SOUL – from our inner life of mind, character, thoughts and feelings.

 In this chapter, he again discusses the “Observer Effect” and how we alter every object in the world by paying attention to it. To quote Dr. Wolf, “Mere observation is enough to alter the history of anything or anyone even a whole country”. We also alter ourselves in the process. The principle of complementarity in Quantum Physics teaches us that opposites cannot exist at the same time. Life becomes very fulfilling when we step into the arena of bringing positive outcomes to ourselves and others. The result then is related to our awareness of our choices or the lack of awareness of our choices. It is vital that we recognize we always have choices and in fact we are not victims of outside circumstances.

 To conclude here are two important questions to ask ourselves: 1. How aware are we? It is powerful to first recognize and then explore our choices. 2. Can we totally embrace Dr. Wolf’s information that we indeed can impact others from a distance even in another country across the world, of a different culture and language? If we grasp that possibility, then we can accept we can impact our own lives along with those in our daily lives.

 With true awareness that we always have choices, it becomes easier to comprehend that we can shift our perceptions that we previously have locked ourselves into.

Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na

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