We are all alike as human in that we all have a body with trillions of cells all functioning together to make up our life experience. We all have senses, we breath, we eat, have emotions, and a brain that deals with both conscious and unconscious. On so many levels we have so much in common with our fellow humans, and yet we still hold our individual perspective and free will. It may be easy to judge another human for how they think, act, look like. Perhaps we see aspects of them that we don’t like about ourselves, or we are proud of our abilities and cant understand that others don’t perform the same way. By judging another ( even in the privacy of your own mind) we are is practicing separation and painful emotions. This wires the brain more strongly to see the negative in the world around you and causes you to get more addicted to those feelings of angry, rejection, superiority etc. The person being judged is only affected if they choose to engage, and perhaps on some level feel wounded or agree. Otherwise, the effect of the judgement comes back 100% on the judger themselves.

People are all different and unique, each with their own fingerprint.  Each are born with individual gifts and challenges, perspectives, cellular, genetic and environmental influences that make up their life experience. That means that there is no one exactly alike. It would not be possible for two people to see things exactly the same way. This makes being human interesting, like a banquet we can feast on and enjoy the rightness of the differences. We can choose what we would like to eat, and have our own personal preferences. Just because artichokes may not be to your taste, doesn’t mean artichokes are inherently wrong or worthy of negative judgment. At a banquet you can simply enjoy what is to your taste with great appreciation and you can also value that others are enjoying different aspects of the food available.

We are each an aspect of that banquet. Does the carrot judge the sardine? The carrot doesn’t even think about the sardine from the mindset of good bad, right or wrong. The carrot is simple the carrot and functions as that. So too, the sardine is off itself whole and complete. The same energy or attention units that is spent on deciding some other is wrong, could also be channelled into enjoyment, appreciation, connection with others, getting on with projects and productivity, creativity. By letting go, and letting be, we liberate ourselves. By giving room for each to be unique of themselves and living their own freewill, we give this to ourselves. The less one acts out the inner judger, the less power it has and over time it moves into the background of the mind. This makes room for all sorts of feelings and thoughts to takes its place.

Marianne Love