The May 12 discussion by the cohosts of Quantum Leap Book Club of pages 115 to 127 of the book “Inside the Earth” by Radu Cinemar involved Radu’s report of his initial exposure to travelling inside the earth. He learned that time and space are not measured or experienced in the same way as on the surface. He became aware that one can actually “jump” into a totally different vibration and frequency. Radu shares the multiple questions running through his mind as he recognizes there is nothing familiar to what he is accustomed to. He actually uses the word “peculiarity” of the environment he is experiencing for the first time that is beyond his imagination. He clearly is puzzled  that he cannot compare to life on the surface. On the other hand he describes feeling an “inner euphoria” and a “conscious internal distribution of this great energy”. The reader becomes more and more involved with the story as Radu communicates his reactions and questions. The result is a great anticipation to explore further into this book.