In the book „Code to Joy“ we learn how to replace limiting core beliefs which could shape our live. By using Energy psychology and certain tapping techniques we install new beliefs to live a Life from a supportive paradigm. The authors also show the reader how to dissolve the biochemical residue from traumatic events.

Energy Psychology has been called “acupressure for the emotions.” By tapping energy points on the surface of the skin while focusing the mind on specific psychological problems or goals, the brain’s neural pathways can be shifted to quickly help you. There have been many studies about the statistically significant improvement compared to conventional thereapy, especially to heal from anxiety, phobia and  the outcome of traumatic events Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There are a large variety of techniques and approaches worldwide.

Cary Craig and the EFT.

The trained engineer, Cry Craig, developed the first standard called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and  introduced it to the public in 1995. Properly done, it reduces the conventional therapy process to a fraction of that time, sometimes minutes. There are 9 accu points which are tapped. Numerous internet versions of it are in use by millions worldwide. Today he says that tapping will be soon obsolete. He is now  utilizing the innate healer in us,  „the Unseen Therapist“

BSFF and Larry P. Nims

A similar approach was developed by Larry P. Nims. This is a self help technique were you work with a cue word for your Inner Healer, (subconsciousness) and is also based on Energy Psychology and applied kinesiology. basic instructions



MFT Mental Field Technique,  Psychologist Dr. Klinghardt PhD

This is a more elaborate tapping techniques, where you are using also 9 tapping points sequences but all your 10 fingers to tap, includes knowledge from Applied Kinesiology and other areas.


The tapping solution by Nick Ortner   reducing stress by 41 %