So we’ve talked about one process, which is writing your own eulogy or imagining what others would say about you at your next major birthday. But how about also knowing that we have, individually, our own, being this values and purposes, and that this is intrinsically already there?

Recently in a mosque and listening to the stories from one of the lovely young women who was very happy with her Muslim religion. And sharing that one of the things that she did find a bit odd in the Christian one – noting that she had looked at many religions before choosing to go back to the religion that was that of her families – was the reality that, or the teaching that in the Christian, one is born of original sin; whereas in the Muslim, as she was saying, the teaching is that you are born pure. She also explained to us other aspects of Muslim religion. It was lovely to hear from her and to watch her face shine.
How do we contact that step prior to religion?
Before we’re conceived, before were born?

First People’s teachings from many cultures and lands (and from Quantum Physics) indicates that we are spirit, from an endless world. The beginning less endless world that comes in at a certain time to take physical form. From that place, there is no religion that defines one from that place we start. Who is that? Who is that that chose to take form and grow cellular?

The quantum physics term downward causation, first told to me by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, describes the process from no-thing (energy and information) to electrons and other sub-atomic particles that come together as atoms, atoms combine to make molecules, molecules combined to make chemicals and cells, cells combine to make tissue, tissues create organs and organs come together to make the body. “Organs in Action” is another way to see organisation – when each pat know its function and where and how it fits in the flow and communization of things. Another teaching Pa’Ris’Ha emphasises in business training. Be organised – be organs in action – then there is no dis-ease in business nor body.

So, there are processes we can do identifying our values. Looking back through life is fine to do when we’re looking at what are the things that created joy in our life. And simple exercises like in every day, what are the three best ranking things of that day? Keep a journal. Keep a diary. Have a look. Write a list of things that make you happy. Work with others to work through this process, in not finding what makes people universally happy, but what makes you joyful. And this again, can be part of breaking the habit of being yourself. But really, we’re saying about breaking the habit of being a facade of who you may seem to be, and it’s really creating the habit of being yourself. Being your beautiful individual spirit-based original purpose.

One of the easiest ways, is to look at what finds joy. And you’ll find for some, that might be helping people who are crushed up and broken, like some paramedics. There might be people who live a life of tasting food and giving good compliments or giving feedback where things need to be better from a food perspective. It may be building as an architect, creating beautiful spaces for people in a sustainable way.

We’re all different. Find what brings you joy by looking to that which is already going on in your life. Starting to create a list of the top three joy bringing things – or top 3 contentment bringing things or the top one even.
What is it in your day that created joy?
Recalling this will have a double benefit because not only will you find out things about yourself, but just by focusing on the joy, you’ll actually be creating more of that as you go.
All the best in finding yourself, and breaking the habit of the façade of any areas you are being who others expect you to be.