Based on the book of Dr. John Martini, The Gratitude Effect,

Dr. Martini talks in this book about the Gratitude effect, and goes beyond just counting your blessings. Counting my blessings has been a powerful method to move out of challenge, bad mood or worries. It is a perfect antidote if we feel overwhelmed, in a bad mood. just counting our blessings from a simple  cup of coffee to loving people to our own room

whatever works in our Life. This definitely changes your mood and raises your frequencies. This kind of gratitude is important to practice frequently

However, Dr. Martini speaks not only only about counting the blessings of positive things in our life. But also count the blessings of major challenges. Embracing the crisis and the problems we have with money or relationship or career. or whatever. He points out that we also need to be grateful for our challenges and our weaknesses. Embracing the crisis in our Life, the conflicts which arise. Finding gratitude for it.

Another way to put it, is to take out just negativity. Looking in a more expanded way at our challenges. Finding the gratitude for the crisis and then we discover the Divine Order and Divine Laws behind the challenge

He speaks about that only embracing both sides give us true fulfillment. This balance of Life is always orchestrated by the Infinite Intelligence surrounding us.

If we are able to surrender under the Divine Order of the Infinite Intelligence with gratitude. We are then moving on a higher level of consciousness with this power of the gratitude.

If we do not see the order behind our challenges right away, keep looking. What is positive in all this for you? Be grateful for whatever is present. Be grateful for the money yu already have, if you experience lack of money, be grateful for the gifts  relationship gives us despite the problem we experience right now. Be grateful for the growth and deeper understanding the crisis provided.

It is our small I, our ego which does not seem to look beyond the present challenging situation. Staying in its mortal insignificance, how Dr. Martini writes. When we are grateful for the challenges, we trust, surrender into a bigger picture. It is leading us to higher grounds, most of all to an expanded awareness of ourselves.

Cultivate the willingness to be receptive to the Divine Intelligence and its omnipotent ability to orchestrate Life itself, no matter what! Even when we are in the trenches. Gratitude can do exactly that. There is nothing outside of GOD.

So instead of fighting and trying to get rid of the negative aspects in our Life. We now know that  it is wise to embrace all part of being human. You only can love yourself if you embrace all of yourself and not try to hide negative parts of you.

If anything in you has not served a purpose it would have been extinct, writes the author . This is an amazing freeing statement for me. I understand that my challenging, imbalanced parts of me are needed in the Greater Plan of my Life, guide by Universal Intelligence. The Universal intelligence put me in that situation at purpose. All the triggers and emotional reactions have a purpose in our search to move beyond our little ego.  We find greater truth and we expand the awareness of ourselves, we love ourselves. We raise our frequencies and we receive a greater understanding of the Whole, the All That It Is. Recognizing the Divine Order is a truly grateful, blissful moment.  I remember when I experienced unexpected surprises or received what I had asked for thru a  maze of signposts I kept following and trusting…when it finally arrived, I created this Mantra, prayer I sing: ” the magic moment I recognize (capital) YOU…in German “der magische Moment an dem Ich Dich erkenn.” which rhymes nicely That is that moment Dr. Martini speaks about when we keep looking with gratitude to see the magnificent Divine Order working  around us and in us, always.