In Chapter 5 and 6 of the book THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF THE HEART, Barry Goldstein guides you to a step-by-step process to become the DJ of our Life.

First, start really listening !! to music not just hearing it as a sound in the background. Feel the emotions, the melody, the message. You can prepare ourselves for this deepening of your music experience by connecting to your heart and breath. You could regularly practice the heart breathing process, shared by Barry in chapter 1 of his book.

Allow your brain and your whole body to resonate to the frequency of music. Then you feel uplifted emotions as your brain initiated the production of biochemicals in your blood.  Like Dopamine, Serotonin or Oxytocin. These reach your blood stream in less than a second, as the auditory nerves feed directly into your brain.

Decide what frequency, what emotion and mindset you want to have during the day. Like in specific situation for example  a job interview or a date with your new love. Use purposely music to prepare you for it. You probably already doing this intuitively, in case you are a music lover.
The car is a perfect place for me to play my favourite  songs (which I set up on my mobile devices, before I start).  And I can sing as loud as I want the words which will give me an additional boost to my mood.


The playlist for the day


Barry takes you one step further: Make your own personal playlist for every day.

This playlist is like a program to support your overall well-being and success. Same like a program you use for your physical fitness or for good nutrition. Utilize this playlist every day, to bring you the emotions you want to activate in your body.


Become the DJ of your Life

A special song or an instrumental piece of Music will be your bridge to another emotional state.

Start with picking 3 songs or more.

What song can start your day? See it as musical food. What will be the first thing your brain is hearing?

Its A new day! Now you can start all over with an uplifting emotion. Barry recommends to choose a song or an instrumental music which slowly takes you to a faster and higher place. After my time of meditation. I like to start slow with an instrumental piece of music.  Then I often move into inspiring lyrics with more upbeat music, which boost my brain, while I get ready for the day. Follow your own heart.

Become aware when energy runs out. This is a good time to refresh. Maybe you like to get up and move, drums and rhythm make you dance. This helps to release anxiety.

The struggle with fear and anxiety can put a lot of stress on us. Music can relax you as it activates the parasympathetic system. This also boosts your immune system. You can also pick some easy listening music, making you feel safe and centred. Or you could choose some favorite songs which bring you back the emotions of sweet memories.
During the day, I often turn to music which supports me to become heart centered again (having a 50 to 70 beats per minute). Connecting my listening with breathing in and out of my heart.

Barry also recommends to take a 5-minute vacation. Take 5 minutes to listen to some local music from another part in the world like Latin, African. Asia or simple world music. Take 5 minutes to imagine yourself there.

Find something sweet. Brain waves are slowing down, heart rhythm slows down. Lyrics need to take you out of the analytical mind . The music need to help you to move from beta waves into alpha, theta and delta. Barry and other musicians have designed instrumental pieces especially for this  ( see links below).

Consistency is important by daily listening to your playlist. If you do this process for 30 days your will notice that you are less anxious and more relaxed. Please do not underestimate the enormous effect music has on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Start now!

To start right away, I find it easier to begin with my favorite songs and music. If they serve the purpose, I pick 3 songs. As a DJ for your Life, it is important that you also expand your musical repertoire and knowledge. Look into classical music, jazz music, local music from Latin to African or Asia and so much more etc and follow your heart response.
Barry Goldstein and others have designed music specifically for your play list. Check below links.

by Rosemarie Heyer, co-host

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