related to page 85, INSIDE THE EARTH, Episode March 31, 2021

Art by Barthvahetum

Once I watched a documentary about the BLACK HOLE on German TV. Scientists commented on what they believed and still do today:  Black holes are dense cannibalistic centers that collapse inward and swallow everything that gets near them. A Black hole forms after!! a star collapsed. They admitted having no idea what happens to the objects, matter and information that falls inside a black hole. I well remember that the scientist raised more questions for themselves than answers. My jaw dropped when a female scientist of astronomy made a final comment regarding the lack of understanding: “Maybe it’s because we leave God out of the equation”.

The split between materialistic science and the spiritual plane of the Universe

Mainstream science continues to run itself around in circles, because it refuses to admit that there is a metaphysical reality – a Source that is infinite in potential and beyond space and time.  They do not know how to work God into their equations, so they deny it.

In page 85 of the INSIDE THE EARTH Dr. Xien speaks to the author about “the break between contemporary materialistic science and spiritual realm” and that it stops any meaningful progress to deeply understand the whole Universe.

We are all connected

We still hammer and saw bodies with pharmacy and surgery instead of using the tested field of energy medicine. We still use the blood of the Earth Mother for our slow and awkward tech, instead of Free energy. Look around, I am sure you will find more areas, where “we leaving God out”, alias ether, consciousness, vacuum in space, Source, The One that is in All Things) and so have stopped our evolution.

For more understanding of this, please search for Nassim Haramein.  With over 30 years of research, he explains that matter is mostly made up of vacuum, but that this vacuum in space is actually full of energy and connects all the particles of the universe, including you and me. There is an instantaneous feedback loop between us and The Source. Using this connection for a new science speeds up our technological and spiritual advancement.

Rosemarie Heyer, co-host