As we go through this book and begin to get into the actual practice of Meditation to break the habit of being ourselves we must be aware of changes that we will begin to experience.  In working with this material and doing the meditation there are subtle changes that most definitely begin to occur. Today I let go of an image that I was taught as a child and as an adult that I know now was incorrect.  It was an incredible experience because there were a mixture of emotions,  at first elation, excitement and then I felt a tinge of sadness creep in and I noticed it.  This image made up so much of who I thought I was and most definitely was part of what I was told to believe. So with that came a little bit of anger in that I thought , how can we allow ourselves to be controlled like that. So all these emotion welled up in me.

This is breaking the habit of being myself.  Yeap , that came crumbling down and yet it is exciting because I finally feel I am coming into the full potential of who I am and what I came here to do. Breaking old habits is like breaking in an new pair of shoes.  We’re excited because we have a new pair of shoes but they might just be a little snug until the leather softens and feels comfortable. And we might just get a blister. But eventually it goes away and we wear our new shoes happily.

Be Aware.

Maria Jacques