From a purely theoretical perspective of considering other alternatives, as is the way of science, why not ask what else could the seismic waves be telling us. Indeed the seismic wave patterns found at the surface of various places of the Earth, after an occurrence such as a volcano or earthquake, could be equally explained by their being an outer ring of higher density a middle ring with a decreased density and then an empty interior.

See page 107 Inside the Earth the second tunnel by Radu Cinamar.

And when we say an empty interior this allows for the option to actually be a blackhole.
When we take an esoteric view of density one can see that increased density relates to a solidness a fixedness and for those living on the surface of the Earth viewing everything around it we can also see that there is a certain level of fixedness of ideas. So to move to a different level of openness, with regards to possibilities, one needs to become less dense. That could be dense in terms of what some call pigheaded, or dogmatic or in other words very difficult to change one’s viewpoint. From a physical perspective decrease density is more reminiscent of gas than solid. If we are comparing it to what we know in this physical plan we see gas can take an infinite number of shapes where as solids are one shape. Water, for example, in the form of steam has an abundance of possibly shapes. Think of fine mist, of clouds of steam, all move yet when the water is supposedly solid it becomes ice and the shape doesn’t change.
This opens the question of is what we perceive as solid around us at the surface just ‘solid’ because it’s in its most dense state. Does moving anything closer to the interior make it less dense, more particle like. As water becomes mist we see the decreased density and increased ‘freedom’ in shape and placement. Indeed in a gaseous state the mist can become increasingly diffuse to a state almost not be able to be registered as present. At what point does the low density of particles get registered as ‘nothing’? Nothing fixed means that anything is possible.
If we go back to our numerology and see number one is the beginning this number one can be the base electron or proton, a charged particle also known in the perspective of space is plasma (different to the plasma in our body). Such charged particles fill the so called empty space. These charged particles can take form. With information (in-form-ation) they take form. That is as they become denser, they become more likely to have a certain form (in a formation).
We could say looking at the centre of the Earth, the black hole is the place where the potential things are in a vibrational form. A vibration that becomes basic charged particles. These charged particles have an increase in density as one moves from the centre of the Earth outwards. In the inner centre they’re still plastic/changeable as the density is not so much that they are fixed and solid. Moving closer to the crust the density increases so too does the solidity of matter.

Our adventure is to recognise the solidity of existing on the outer crust of the Earth and indeed allow ourselves the knowledge of the potential rebirth in this life in allowing a decrease in our density and indeed to allow what one may refer to as the mind of the consciousness to completely be at one with all, to not associate as a ‘thing’ and in this way indeed becomes a no-thing. One could say in this state we are analogous to the centre of the Earth, to the predicted black hole.
Ancient peoples talked about rebirthing while alive. This is through many peoples such as the Templars, the Egyptians, the Assyrians. Even looking at the storey of Jesus Christ in another perspective we can see the concept of resurrection during life.
Resurrection can be going back to the state or so-called nothingness and a rebirthing.
Why would one do this?
In that process of moving from being solid and fixed to less dense and less dense back to the nothing there is the expanding of all potential. After the ‘no-thing’ there is the rebirthing (the increase in density) and return to being information (in form).
As we move from no-thing through to the rebirth, the density increases. In this process we can consciously be that which we want to be knowing that we can bring with us the vibration at a different level. We can live and exist on this plane (in the density around the crust) yet hold the more subtle vibrations. Subtle vibrations allowing a greater breath of ability due to increased plasticity in our understanding of how solid matter is illusionary.
So as is the Earth we are too. Let’s journey to our Centre to enable a rebirth into a new formation – a new form. Form and vibration. As it is the vibration that is the key to how far we travel into the inner Earth.