Clearing the slate 

It is interesting that Dr Joe Dispensa mentions in his book – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – that we are born as a clean slate, one who is totally open and ready to be absorbing all that goes on around them. I recognise that a baby is born into brain wave patterns of delta, theta and alpha where they are effectively in an hypnotic state. This means that everything they hear, see around them is programmed in to the operating system directly. These thoughts are seeds that become full forests of complex feelings, beliefs, attitudes , personality and identity. I don’t agree that they baby is born in a completely clear slate. The programming begins in gestation, and the nervous system of the child is impacted by the emotional state of the mother. They also have their temperament and personality factors that are born with as well as their unique gifts and interests. All humans are born into the field of opposites, with a seed of negativity within. A little inner critic that will look for and find the negative. Perhaps this is how our nervous system has learnt to keep us most safe and alive. The work in rescripting this internal state is to not eradicate or make wrong of our intrinsic nature, but to get to know it and let the joy and love within to shine though. To get out of the way and transcend and find the internal balance between the opposites that define everything that exists in third dimension.

Marianne Love