Chapter 4 Apellos the crystal city give us a glimpse into another of the inner earths cities this one accessed from Tomasita but actually much closer to the earths crust being only 1500 m below.

We are taken on a fantastic journey in the capsule and our first introduction to the technology of anti gravity being used. Interestingly anti gravity is been talked about and researched in science on the surface of the planet Right now.

Hear the guide from the earth answers questions about how this shuttle is working so it has a force that disturbs the space-time component and that the magnetic field converters actually bend space and time and that there’s two types of magnetic fields creating electromagnetic waves that are able to enter what we know is a solid state and the technology makes a space-time bubble that enables the shuttle to move through the earth between the cities.

Energy required for the shuttle is made during the conversion of gravity to magnetic fields.

Technology is also shown to us inside the subtle as the door closes the inside walls sparkling with what appears to be bright crystals as our guide speaks to the control centre the shuttle starts to take off he just thought there is something in relation to the increased vibration and frequency that reduces the feeling of the great acceleration once the shuttle Has started.

Video graphics appear in the walls the maps of both the surface on the underground. They’re almost 3D in their appearance and let somebody feel like they’re almost looking out the window but even in grade reality. They overlain with signs and directions as well.

Arrival into Pelleas the guide let him know that it’s a very old city and very special and it’s inhabited by the Dacian and people who later hybridised with another race.

Not having enough time to look at the city in detail the guides show us to a area which projects holographic holographic screen with information about the people and the place.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball