Long before her diagnosis, Anita did a deep dive into the research and healing modalities of cancer. She was shocked to the core when her best friend was diagnosed and then her brother in law. After months of watching them waste away and eventually die, the fear of cancer and chemo was well entrenched in her core. The back drop to her own diagnosis was fraught. She refused chemo and sort many other alternative treatment modalities. She appeared to have a full recovery after 6 months in india doing the ayevada practice. However on her return, the doubts, fears , beliefs of others started in infiltrate her mind and she again succumb to the cancer. Similar to her childhood years, she became torn and confused between different schools of thought that were often opposite. Some say don’t eat meat to heal cancers, others say eat more meat. As the months and year went by, she got sicker and more and more withdrawn. This eventually led to her surrending to the cancer and releasing herself from the grip of fear and other emotions such as rage, overwhelm. She met peace and she met her end. We all know that this is not the end of the story . In some ways it is just the beginning of what was to become an epic journey and union with her own soul. An igniting of passion , purpose and a message to offer many suffering around the world.

Marianne Love