“The Four Agreements” written by don Miguel Ruiz, is the current book we are studying and discussing with Quantum Leap Book Club. The title of “don” means power and authority. This title is also given to men of high social status through respect.  Our author is a “nagual” or master from a particular lineage of the Toltecs.

Ancient Toltec wisdom is shared by don Miguel Ruiz in this easy-to-read book. Prophecies have spoken of the time when the wisdom would be returned to the people. In this time of our history, when the outer world is showing signs of drastic decay, we are experiencing a need to look inside ourselves for answers. It is prime time to accept we have the power to transform ourselves and our world. It is up to us!!!

 There is a pattern that has repeated itself in our history when deep pure spiritual truths have been concealed due to mass society being trapped by outer forces resulting in surrendering any sense of control.  Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, author of our previous book studied, gave the example of the early masters of alchemy needing to conceal their abilities. They hid their abilities under the guise of making gold. Such repetition of a cycle leads to the question: what is the base of human willingness to accept outer circumstances as their truth?

 As we read and discuss the four agreements, answers to this question may evolve. At the least, a deep understanding can be gained on our personal life experiences. This small book expresses spiritual truths in the simplest way imaginable. It becomes a daily guide to all privileged to read it.

Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na

 I am privileged to be a co-host on a fun, interesting, and life changing radio show called Quantum Leap Book Club. We focus on books that celebrate the incredible expansion and changes in Consciousness in our world. Currently, we are reading “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz.

I invite you to listen in every night at 8pm PT online on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network. (https://www.loaradionetwork.com/quantum-leap) or catch archived shows.

If you have an interest in making changes in your life, please take a listen and let us know what you think!