Chapter 4 of the book “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf  is the focus of our study this week. 

As Dr. Wolf is well versed in philosophy, science, mathematics, mysticism and spirituality, his information is a combination of all of these. I experience the need to fully concentrate when attempting to digest his information. 

Chapter 4 titled “A Trickster in our Memory” first leads us to consider the influence of our memories on our daily life. From his discussion in the previous Chapter 3 of the influence of the subjective  psychological elements of thought, sensation, feeling and intuition and the objective qualities of time, space, energy and motion, Dr. Wolf introduces this base as the tools available to us when we explore our memories. He claims we use these tools to give form and meaning to our memories and the effect on our lives. He claims with these tools we actually have the potential of changing our present lives but even more astounding to change our past lives.  His comment is the world is infinitely changeable. I take from that we do not have ever to accept that anything is permanent or forever. 

 He goes on to describe what he calls the Trickster Memory. He gives the example of the experience of 2 parallel worlds with very contrasting outcomes. One resulting in death of the hero and the opposite in a  food source being successfully obtained for the community. 

With the introduction of there being multiple parallel worlds we live in, I feel excited that I can have an influence on which world I exist in.  To quote from Dr Wolf,  “in this chapter, we will explore how our memories affect everything from the way we feel about ourselves to the way we sense the world around us”. 


This chapter has a section relating to mathematics which definitely challenged me. He used the exercise of tossing a coin ten times and observing the sequences. The conclusion  seemed to disclose that even with a number of variations of sequences, there occurs a greater number of one combination than another combination. My mind played with how I expected there would somehow be an exact comparison. I am still working through this expectation and why I would have a need to have an equal result. 

He uses this as an example of a majority existing in the results. He leaves the reader ponderining on the influence that experiment, with the tossing of a coin, created in our mind and our memory. I take from this discussion that even when we consider parallel worlds and the potential of conscious awareness of all of them, there exists  what we might judge as an unequal incidence of the concluding details.

Dr . Wolf continues the theme of the inner subjective qualities of Thought, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition and weaves these  into memory . We weave memories into our lives at every angle. Wolf reminds us that better understanding is gained of ourselves through memories. 

What intrigues me is the fact that our memories are distorted and inaccurate.  Many experiments have proven that our memories are erroneous.  To me the value of accepting this truth is the opportunity to cease the tendency any one of us can have on judging another person. If the true facts of the past and even the present moment are variable and impossible to fully identify, obviously no person has the right to fill in the gaps of what we consider is reasonable and true.  In simply looking at the objects surrounding us and the people we interact with, we have different sensations and feelings as well as different thoughts and intuitions. All of these are needed by us to feel alive. 

 Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost of QLBC

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