The chapter titled “A Powerful Shock” is full of information about the interior of the Earth. On St. Patricks Day, the cohosts and our host, Pa’Ris’Ha discuss pages 67 to 78.  This information is far from any usual conversation among people over coffee or sharing a meal together. In fact it opens the reader’s mind to information that is both exciting and mind boggling. Existence of life under the surface of what we consider our planet has very little similarity to life/”normal living” on the surface.  Inner Earth is an existence that few Earthlings have any concept of.

Many changes are required of an individual with a strong interest in visiting Inner Earth. These necessary changes can be compared to individuals seeking to evolve and to become the individual that their heart is aware to be their destiny. Personal changes only come with inspiration and strong intention. As each reader explores further into this amazing book by Radu Cinemar with title of Inside the Earth – The Second Tunnel, one outcome is pondering advancement in human evolution and change of energy frequency to allow the seeker to physically and energetically deal with the new and challenging frequency of energy. Radu repeatedly shares how many current scientists are quick to disregard what the author shares. As science cannot physically describe the potentials and differentiation of the Inner Earth versus living on the surface it  is beyond what they consider possible.  A totally different energy level must be developed in order to be able to progress in your personal journey.