Music has the power to heal and transform. Not through some kind of unexplainable magic, but through the science of vibration and frequency. Just as listening to our internal heart beat, breath and sign can changes the heart rate, so too can listening to external music. Barry shares that the 60 to 70 beats per minutes is the heart in a relaxed state. Imagine then we can take an anxious person, whose heart is beating fast at variable rates and we could get their heart betting in a regulated and calmer pattern. Given that the heart and brain are in constant communication, when the heart slows down, it signals safety and coherent messages of well-being up to the brain. Music created with clear intention and  in tune with the heart can have lasting impact of the four bodies – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.  When they work together we have coherence. Coherence means integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values. If music can change the heart rate variability of a patient in a coma, and get stop a baby fusing, what else can it do in the realm of health and well-being? It is a powerful tool that is readily available for all of us.

Marianne Love