I am sure all of you who have read chapter 7 of the holographic universe would agree that it is a very intriguing chapter. Some of the key points that stand out to me are:

  • Our soul chooses the events that happen to use in this life prior to birth. Michael shares that the purpose of these events is for the soul to group, deepen and learn from the experience. This may be a very challenging idea for many. How could any of us preplan an painful or traumatic event prior to it happening. Anyone who has gone through significant personal growth through painful incidents or accidents may have a sense that there is a greater wisdom at work. Once the healing has occurred, many people are grateful for how the painful experience developed who they are.
  • Belief plays are really important role in which abilities people develop and which they don’t. One page 204 Michael refers to the idea that many people lost their ability to see fairies on the Isle of Man. He shared that this occurred after education came to the island convincing people that fairies did not exist.
  • Another important concept discussed is that thoughts and matter are one in the same. On page 222 Michael explores the phenomena that concentrating on a thought and energising it with emotion causes those thoughts to be manifested as material in 3rd Dimension.

Join us on our book call to dive further into discussion on these and may other concepts.