As we journey through the book, Inside the Earth, we become aware that there is a great focus on the beliefs and practices of current scientists. Perhaps there might be a tendency on part of a reader to ask why so many critical comments directed at scientists. As I ponder this question myself, I realize that our scientists and their inclination to hang tight with what they believe to be true is a very close reflection of many of us in our personal lives. When a new idea is presented that is beyond any previous information we have been exposed to, do we tend to doubt what we are hearing when it does not fit what we think we know?  Preconceived ideas can shut the door for us to accept new thoughts that might be “outside the box” of our limited beliefs.  To quote the author: “Perception is relative but it does represent an experience. Intent activates the reality that you want to find out about. When scientists look to find out what is inside the Earth, they already have made up their minds……… With total conviction, they project this set of fixed ideas into the abstract space specific to this reality.”

Personally, I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure of moving through our current book “Inside the Earth” for the totally new information offered.  I find it inspiring to confront my own reactions when the information is well beyond my previous knowledge and beliefs. To learn to be OPEN is important in absorbing the new knowledge we are being exposed to. The awareness that, before considering a journey into Inner Earth, extensive preparation is required to manage the different energy frequencies keeps our ears tuned for what comes next. It is truly an adventure to be privileged to be discussing such new and challenging information. We are gaining an incredibly expanded and refreshing view of the planet we call home!!!